CEC-1 ja CEC-2 on peruttu, CEC-3 on vielä avoin

Linkki CMF foorumin tiedotteeseen kisojen peruuttamisesta.


"Alla viesti ECMO:lta.

Eli CEC-1 ja CEC-2 on peruttu korona-viruksen vuoksi. CEC-3 on vielä avoin.

Dear Representatives,

Sometimes things have to go and go fast.
Dear Reps sad news, but in consultation with the clubs, "De Grensduivels"
Molenbeersel en "Mortimer Classic MCC" at Bennett's Hill Reading, we decided to cancel the CEC-1 and CEC-2 races. No decision has yet been taken about the CEC-3 in Jinin on 6th June and this race is still going on.
We agreed that public health must be priority number one but the decision was taken with pain in our hearts.

Postponing the cancelled races is something the board has to study.

Sincerely yours,